Byron Reeves & J. Leighton Read

What others are saying:

"This is an important and prophetic book - a must read for anyone planning a career beyond next year."

Reuben Steiger, CEO of Millions of Us, Inc.

"Ignore this book at your peril or read it and learn how to leverage and learn from the gamer."

John Seely Brown, Deliotte Center for the Edge

"As I scientist who studies behavior in virtual worlds every day, I was stunned at how much I learned from reading this book. Reeves and Read do a fantastic job in providing concrete guidelines on how to navigate and leverage the future digital workplace."

Jeremy Bailenson, Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford University

"Reeves and Read prove points 1 thorugh 857: that games and virtual reality provide the right kind of business platform to solve common corporate people problems. This collaboration between a Stanford Professor and a venture capitalist turns out to live up, quite literally, to its title."

Barbara Jacobs, Booklist


Imagine the value if you could transfer the excitement and focus found in great games to the office. What if your employees could solve customer problems, design new software, or configure better shipping routes working inside a game environment at work?

This isn't just possible, say Byron Reeves and J. Leighton Read; it's inevitable. As employee productivity and engagement become more critical, the user experience provided by game technology offers a tantalizing solution for business. This is far more than a quaint metaphor or a twist on e-learning. Game design elements can address a host of business problems with morale, communication, and alignment while honing skills like data analysis, teamwork, leadership, and more.

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